The Project Implementation Committee (PIC) arose from its monthly meeting with strong resolution to ensure it delivers at least 80% of all Specific Objectives and Results before the end of Year 3. The meeting held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 had in attendance representatives from Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR), Ministry of Justice, Ministries of Environment and Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Organized Local NGOs – Women for Peace (WOPIN), Development Exchange Center (DEC), Federation of Muslim Women of Nigeria (FOMWAN), Miyetti Allah Kataul Hore (Pastoralists) and the Project Management Unit (PMU) except the Clean Cook Stoves component team.

In his remarked the Project Manager who welcomed participants to the meeting expressed shocked on the non-information regarding the where about  and non-availability at office of the Clean Cooksotoves Component team and re-emphasized that the Project has one PMU which supervises Agroforestry and Clean Cookstoves component teams. He expressed displeasure on the attitude developed by the Clean cookstove team in recent time and advised that success of the Project may not be achieved in a component’s stand-alone attitude as exhibited.

In its deliberation, the PIC considered one-by-one, the achievements made within the past 30 months and showed serious concern and strong willingness to do better as a team. It recalled that as at March 8, 2017 the PMU reported 61.36% of 5.5m target trees, 37.01% of 55,000 target farmers and 53.99% of 160,000 ha of land achieved on Specific Objectives 1 & 2 respectively; and on Specific Objective 3, it observed and frowned that granted only 6,614 stoves representing 18.9% and 5,578 stoves representing 15.94% of 35,000 target were produced and disseminated respectively, the tasks ahead obviously do not warrant taking things for granted if holistic success of the Project is seriously desired. It further remarked that if any of the components fails to deliver, the Project would be seen ultimately as unsuccessful. It therefore resolved to be fully involved in the activities of the two components. The PM was accordingly advised to send this message of working as one strong team under the management of Dr Chris Udokang (Project Manager) across to OXFAM and ICEED.

Further discussions at the meeting centered on progresses made on the Amendment of Forestry Laws and codification of Bye-laws, utilization of Communal land for Community Agroforestry economic initiatives, commencement of nursery activities on a target of 815,000 seedlings to be raised in the 7 Community Nurseries, and welfare matters.  The Committee also reviewed the Consolidated Workplan presented by the Programme Officers and fixed an emergency meeting on April 25, 2017 to receive reports from Advocacy visits sub-committee.

In her contribution, Hajia Adama Bakori (FOMWAN, Katsina State), remarked that the task ahead requires strong team and concerted efforts by all. She then pledged, on behalf of all Local NGOs, the resolve to support the plan of achieving at least 80% of all the Specific Objectives before the end of the Project Year 3 ‘provided the Programme Officers – Agroforestry and Clean Cookstoves – give them the opportunity to assist’. Similarly, the M&E Officer reminded everyone of timely submission of reports and stressed the need of providing verifiable indicators for every activity implemented. Responding to the timeline, the Programme Officer, Agroforestry (POA), informed that  the Nursery pot-filling activities would be completed within two weeks starting from April 10, 2017.

In his concluding remark, the PM appreciated the contributions of everyone, introduced Esther Okorie (the new Financial Administrator) to the Committee and affirmed that with the caliber of personnel on ground, the Project cannot, and must not be seen to be a failure since stakeholders and beneficiaries are all in support of the PMU.  He thanked all for the resolutions made and promised to provide enabling environment for the planned success.



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